My Maternal 2nd. Great Norwegian Grandmother, Georgine Johanne Janson Lund


Saint John’s Church, Bergen, Hordaland, Norway

Birth: Oct. 25, 1837
Bergen kommune
Hordaland fylke, Norway



Death: 6 June 1905
Sør-Trøndelag fylke, Norway 

Daughter of Helmich Heinrichsen “Helmik” Janson and Constance Fredrikke Sophie Neumann.

Married: John Theodor Lund on 21 October 1870 in Domkirken (Bergen Cathedral) Church of Norway, Bergen, Hordaland, Norway.

Name John Theodor Lund
Spouse’s Name Georgine Johanne Jansen
Event Date 21 Oct 1870
Event Place Domkirken, Bergen, Hordaland, Norway
“Norway Marriages, 1660-1926,” database, FamilySearch ( : 12 December 2014), John Theodor Lund and Georgine Johanne Jansen, 21 Oct 1870; citing Domkirken, Bergen, Hordaland, Norway; FHL microfilm 278,102.

Children: John Macordy Lund, Gudrun Ivara Lund (Linderman), Ragnhild, Elsiff, and Solvejg Lund.

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Johan “John” Theodor Lund (1842 – 1920)

nidaros-cathedral-trondheim-sor trondelag-norway

Nidaros Cathedral, Trondheim, Sor Trondelag, Norway

Death: 1905 in Trondheim, Sor Trondelag, Norway

Georgine Johanne JansonGeorgine Johanne Janson Lund

Georgine Johanne Janson 




Birth: October 25, 1837
Death: June 06, 1905 (67)
Immediate Family: Daughter of Helmich Janson and Constance Frederikke Sophie Janson 
Wife of Johan Theodor Lund 
Mother of Ragnild LundElisif LundJohn MaCody LundSolveig Lund and Gudrun Ivara Linderman 
Sister of Justine Marie Agnethe JansonKristofer Nagel JansonJacob Neumann JansonHerman Didrich JansonGeorgine Johanne Janson and 4 others 
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1900 Census for Norway with her husband in Bergen, Hordaland, Norway)

Domkirken, Trondheim, Norway, 2006 photograph by Erik A. Drabløs, Wikipedia

Domkirkegarden, Trondheim, Sor Trondelag, Norway 

Burial: 1905
Trondheim kommune
Sør-Trøndelag fylke, Norway

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My Maternal 5th. Norwegian Great Grandfather, Herman Didrich Janson


Birth:  Jul. 8, 1757
Bergen kommune
Hordaland fylke, Norway
Death:  Mar. 13, 1822
Bergen kommune
Hordaland fylke, Norway
Bergen, Hordaland, Norway harbour

Herman Didrich Janson (1757 – 1822) was a Norwegian shipper, businessman and powerful figure, and owner of Damsgård hovedgård, which he bought at auction in 1796. The gardens were often known as the Janson-gården and as the Jansonmarken. The property was in the family’s ownership until 1983.


Damsgård Manor 
Building in Bergen, Norway
Damsgård Manor is a landmark manor and estate in Bergen, Norway. It is noted for its distinct rococo style and is possibly the best preserved wooden building from 18th-century Europe. Wikipedia
Stiftsgården is the royal residence in Trondheim, Norway. It is centrally situated on the city’s most important thoroughfare, Munkegaten. Wikipedia
Address: Munkegata 23, 7011 Trondheim, Norway
Opened: 1778
Function: Palace
Architectural styles: Neoclassicism, Baroque architecture, Neoclassical architecture, Rococo architecture

Herman Didrich Janson was also the owner of Stiftsgården from 1805, an estate which he sold in 1809 to his stepson, County Governor Edvard Hagerup. 

Herman Didrich Janson photo

Herman Didrich Janson was born on July 8 1757, at Bergen, Hordaland, Norway, to Helmich Janson and Gesine Judithe Dwerhagen.
Helmich Janson was born on 20 December 1723, in Bergen, Hordaland, Norway. Christened: 25 December 1723 Nykirken, Bergen, Hordaland, Norway.
Gesine Judithe Dwerhagen was born on December 20 1730, in Bergen, Hordaland, Norway. Christened: December 23, 1730 Nykirken, Bergen, Hordaland, Norway.


Spouse 1: Herman married Vibecke Henrichsdatter Rasmussen on February 20, 1781, at age 23 in Bergen, Hordaland, Norway. Vibecke was born on March 15, 1760 in Bergen, Hordaland, Norway.
They had one son: Henrich Janson.
Spouse 2: Herman married Christiane Benedicte Krohn on March 21, 1786, at age 28 at Bergen, Hordaland, Norway. Christiane was born on July 7 1762, in Bergen, Hordaland, Norway. They had one daughter: Ingeborg Benedicte Janson.
Spouse 3: Herman married Christiane Margrethe Nagell f. Heiberg July 20, 1791 (24.7.1751-5.5.1809); widow after assessor and fellow jens Worm Nagell), daughter of prost and parish priest Gabriel Heiberg (1708-68) and Cecilia Catharina Widing (1713- 80).
Herman passed away on March 13, 1822, at age 64 at Bergen, Hordaland, Norway. He was buried at BERGEN DOMKIRKEGAARDEN, Bergen, Hordaland, Norway.

Merchant, shipowner and courier agent.

Parents: Merchant – Helmich Jansen (1723-99) and wife Gesine Judithe Dwerhagen (1730-86).


Spouse 1: 20.2.1781 with Vibecke Henrichsdatter Rasmussen (15.3.1760-13.8.1781), daughter of merchant Henrich Rasmussen (1720-94) and Christine Corneliidr Friis (1725-65);

Spouse 2: 21.3.1786 with Christiane Benedicte Krohn (7.7.1762-10.3.1788), daughter of merchant and agency council Wollert Krohn (1731-89; see NBL1 , bd.Daughter: Ingeborg Benedicte Danchertsen (1738-83);

Spouse 3: 20.7.1791 with Christiane Margrethe Nagell f. Heiberg (24.7.1751-5.5.1809; widow after assessor and fellow jens Worm Nagell), daughter of prost and parish priest Gabriel Heiberg (1708-68) and Cecilia Catharina Widing (1713- 80).

Family name change to Janson 1786. Parish father of Edvard Hagerup (1781-1853); Grandfather’s father to Kristofer Nagel Janson (1841-1917); Grandmother’s father to Edvard Grieg (1843-1907).

Herman Didrich Janson was a rough figure in the mountains around 1800.

Janson’s father was a Dutch immigrant who settled down as a merchant in Bergen. As a young boy, Herman was sent to sea. After graduating, he became a skipper and sailed for a councilor and merchant Danckert D. Krohn .

In 1786, Janson raised the sea and established his own merchant company. He had lost his first wife already in 1781 and had a good eye on Danckert Krohn’s brother-in-law Christiane Benedicte. But the dad’s father considered such a connection as a mesallian until Jansen with Danckert Krohn’s help was appointed to the court agent in 1785 to pay the king 800 riksdaler. Shortly thereafter the wedding stood, and the groom changed the name of Jansen to Janson.

Handelshuset Herman D. Janson got a good start when the childless Danckert D. Krohn handed him over to his house in Strandgaten and most of his shops in 1786 and his father-in-law the following year transferred some of his business relations to him. Janson developed his young trading house with great skill. The main business was the export of dried fish and cutfish to a number of countries and imports of salt, wine and colonial products.

In 1788, Janson bought his first ship, Frigate Test, which was put into whaling and cob catching in Greenland, a business that other merchants in town had started a couple of years earlier and as Janson continued until around 1806.

When the trade in Iceland was released in 1787, Janson was a driving force behind the creation of a partnership to trade there. Together with FL Konow, G. Cappe and GF Vedeler, he established trading stations in Isafjörður and Bolungavík, and significantly exported it with grain, timber, iron, tobacco and beverages from Bergen and with dried fish, salted fish and wool in return. The business was driven until 1796.

From 1792, Janson also received interests in several larger vessels, and in 1802 his son Henrich was taken up in the company, which changed its name to Herman D. Janson & Søn. At that time, the trading house also began to engage in factory operations, and in 1810 the construction of a paper mill began in Årstad, which a few years later employed 12 people. In 1812, Janson retired from the company, and the son became sole proprietor.

During the napoleon wars of 1807-14, the company engaged in crash, it also participated in the grain mining at Arkhangelsk 1808-09 and was among the Bergen trade houses seeking to sign insurance for vessels sailing in Spain’s salt trade. The company participated in the trade show’s protests against customs duties on export goods and the buyer’s citizens’ application to remedy the shortage of money in the distress years. It was also one of the 13 trading houses in Bergen, which was invited to a meeting in 1813 for the establishment of a private loan and discount office for Norway.

Janson lived statically in the Danckertsen house in Strandgaten 28 (destroyed in the city fire 1916), built on the walls of the medieval Jonskloster walls. In 1796, he bought the property Damsgård in Laksevåg, and the following year he made a major rebuilding of the main house, which became the venue for the city’s foremost merchants and officials. The family lived with Damsgård until 1983, when the farm was bought by the municipality of Bergen and transferred to the Vestlandske Kunstindustrimuseum. The main house is protected.

Janson was a member of the Useful Company, boarded for the Bergen Real School and was one of the largest contributors to the new Norwegian university.

He left only one son of first marriage and one daughter of the other. In his third marriage, he received the hand of the great Svanøy estate in Nordfjord in 1791, which he disposed of in 1802.

Sources and literature WM Schjelderup: Damsgaard and its owners, BHFS 9, Bergen 1903 H. Janson: Addition to Damsgaard Description and Messages concerned Family Janson, BHFS 13, Bergen 1907 Ds: Provides Thomas Erichsen’s Levels as well as Reminders from his Stay in the Jansonian House, Strandgaden No. 28, BHFS 19, Bergen 1913 B. Huun: Bergenske Skibslister 1777-1806, BHFS 36, Bergen 1930 AB Fossen and M. Stefánsson: Store Björgvinjarmanna in Iceland 1787-1796, History, Timariti Sögufélags No. 17, Reykjavík 1979 K. Fossen: The history of Laksevåg, bd. 1-2, Bergen 1984-86 The archive after HD Janson, UBB, the manuscript collection Author of this article Anders Bjarne Fossen
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  Vibeche Henrichsdatter Janson (1760 – 1791)
  Christiane Margrete Heiberg Janson (1751 – 1809)
Herunder hviler støvet af

Gamlehaugen ~ Bergen, Norway
Bergen Domkirkegaarden
Bergen kommune
Hordaland fylke, Norway
Plot: Row 1 Grave 3
 Herman Didrich Janson footstone
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My Maternal 3rd.Great Norwegian Grandmother, Constance Frederikke Sophie Neumann Janson

Akershus, Norway, Oscarsborg (C) Forsvarsbygg Nasjonale FestningsverAsker, Askershus, Norway2

Birth: Jun. 27, 1808
Asker, Askershus, Norway

Asker – Municipality in Norway

Asker is a municipality in Akershus county, Norway. It is part of the Greater Oslo Region. The administrative centre of the municipality is the town of Asker. The municipality was established as a municipality on 1 January 1838. Wikipedia


Death: Feb. 9, 1880
Bergen kommune
Hordaland fylke, Norway


Heather, Norwegian Flower

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1772–1848  •  9HNW-3YX
1778–1838  •  9VJK-M4B


  Helmich Henrichsen Janson (1804 – 1868)

Married: November 27, 1828 in Domkirken, Bergen, Hordaland, Norway

Children: (9)

Georgine Johanne Helmichsdatter 1830–Deceased  •  2W9Y-7J6

Herman Diedrich Helmick Janson 1833–1892  •  9ZMJ-VNZ

Justine Marie Agnete Janson 1835–Deceased  •  MKGZ-WH2

Georgine Johanne Janson1837–1905  •  LV9T-CS3

Jacob Neumann Helmick Janson 1839–Deceased  •  MN2Z-BHX

Kristofer Nagel Helmichsen Janson 1841–1917  •  MX9S-D47
Constance Fredriche Sophie Helmichsdatter Janson 1844–Deceased  •  MYJX-NQ3
Wibiche Helmichsdatter Janson 1846–Deceased  •  MMMS-6PW
Helmich Janson 1848–Deceased  •  M17H-3YV

St. Jakob Cemetery, Bergen, Norway

Burial: Feb. 9, 1880
St. Jakob Cemetery 
Bergen kommune
Hordaland fylke, Norway 
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My Maternal 3rd.Great Grandfather, Helmich Henrichsen Janson, Norway


Heather – Norwegian flower

Namsos_sjøhus, Norway

Bergen, Hordaland, Norway

Son of Henrich Hermanson Janson and Georgine Johanne Nagel.

My third great maternal grandfather, Helmich “Helmik” Henrichsen Janson.

Married Constance Fredrikke Sofie Jakobsdotter Neumann on 27 November 1838 in Domkirken (Lutheran church), Bergen, Hordaland, Norway.

Screenshot (40)

Screenshot (45)

Children: Georgine Johanne Helmichsdatter, Herman Diedrich Helmick Janson, Justine Marie Agnete Janson, Georgine Johanne Janson, Jacob Neumann Helmick Janson, Kristofer Nagel Helmichsen Janson, Constance Fredriche Sophie Helmichsdatter Janson, Wibiche Helmichsdatter Janson, and Helmich Janson.

Birth: Feb. 28, 1804
Bergen kommune
Hordaland fylke, Norway

Death:  Feb. 28, 1868
Bergen kommune
Hordaland fylke, Norway

Family links:
Constance Fredrikke Sofie Jakobsdatter Neumann Janson (1808 – 1880)

Bergen Domkirke, Bergen, Hordaland, Norway

St. Jakob Cemetery 
Bergen kommune
Hordaland fylke, Norway


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My Maternal 2nd. Great Norwegian Grandfather, Johan Theodor Lund

Avisa, Sor Trondelag, NorwayAvisa, Sor Trondelag, Norway

 Bergen Domkirke

Domkirken, Church of Norway, Bergen, Norway, photographer – Morten Dreier

Bergen Cathedral a cathedral in Bergen municipality in Hordaland county, Norway. Church of Norway. It is located in the city of Bergen. The church is the seat of the “Bergen domkirke” parish and the seat of the Bergen arch-deanery in the Diocese of Bjørgvin. Wikipedia

Address: Domkirkeplassen 1, 5003 Bergen, Norway

My Maternal 2nd. Great Grandfather, Johan “John” Theodor Lund, son of Capt. Eilert Lund and Elen Bertine Knudsen of Norway.

Married: Georgine Johanne Jansen, in the Domkirken (Bergen Cathedral), Evangelical Lutheran church, of the Church of Norway, Bergen, Hordaland, Norway on 21 October 1870.

Name: Johan “John” Theodor Lund     john_theodor_lund_1842-1913_norway

Born: 9 October 1842 in Bergen, Hordaland, Norway

Christened: 30 October 1842  in Domkirken, Bergen, Hordaland, Norway

Christening record for John Theodor Lund:
Domkirken Sokneprestembete, H/Haa/L0019: Ministerialbok nr. B 2, 1841-1851, s. 23, entry 111
Born 9 October, christened 30 October; John Theodor; legitimate; parents: Eilert Theodor Lund, captain and wife Elen Berntine Lund, born Knudsen; witnesses Ingebor M Lund, Hedevig Lund, James S Lund, Hans Bryneldsen, Andreas S Krogh, 9 June 2017 by Carole McIntyre
Reason This Source Is Attached
Shows name, birth, christening, parents.

His wife Georgine was born on 25 October 1837 in Bergen, Hordaland, Norway


Bergen, Hordaland, Norway

Died:   8 January 1920 in Trondheim, Sor Trondelag, Norway

Children: John Macordy Lund, Gudrun Ivara Lund (Linderman), Ragnhild, Elsiff, and Solveig (Hooslef) Lund.

Burial:  9 January 1920
Nidaros Cathedral Cemetery
Trondheim kommune
Sør-Trøndelag fylke, Norway

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Event TypeBurial
Event PlaceTrondheim, Trondheim, Sør-Trøndelag, Norway
CemeteryNidaros Cathedral
Birth Date20 Apr 1841
Death Date08 Nov 1920
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Affiliate Image Identifier8850597
“BillionGraves Index,” database, FamilySearch( : accessed 28 September 2015), John Lund, died 08 Nov 1920; citing BillionGraves( : 2012), Burial at Nidaros Cathedral, Trondheim, Trondheim, Sør-Trøndelag, Norway.